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Internet Influencer


Internet Influencer

Zammy Zaif is a well-known internet influencer from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. Since childhood, he had a special interest in computers and the internet, and he studied SEO and web design, realizing that this was his future. He did not discontinue his studies. Zammy was constantly looking into how to make a website more appealing and how to make money online.

He is always eager to learn new things, and through hard work and dedication, Zammy has progressed to his current position. He has now been appointed as the CEO of BAMS Technology Pvt. Ltd. He was a leader in the field of search engine optimization tool.

Zammy Zaif

Zammy Zaif's Multiple Roles

He performs multiple roles at the same time! Were we surprised to hear this? Let's take a look at some of the roles he's played: an SEO Specialist, a Mentor, a C-Level Manager, has 13 years of experience and skill in business drawings, and he is a Motivational Speaker. As a Motivational Speaker, he has inspired many people to start their own businesses.
He has always been passionate about his customers, and if a customer comes to him and asks him to design a website for their company, he will first explain what SEO is and what can be done to get their website to the top of SEO. Do something fresh and new to get their customer's website to the top of a search engine, Zammy is always doing something new to create an appealing website for his customers.

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Zammy Zaif

Most influential Digital influencer

He is India's most influential digital influencer. Do you regularly examine Google's algorithm?

Every day, Zammy checks the Google algorithm and applies it to the website Building. To move a business forward in a positive direction, it is necessary to understand the mentality of the customers. Psychology is the most important tool for determining customer behavior and purchasing habits, and Zammy studied psychology in order to understand shifting client patterns and behavior. He has also shown his ability as a teacher. Take digital marketing and SEO classes, as well as a three-month SEO specialist course, and have 40 Telegram groups and your own clubhouse.

Zammy has 1 lakh Instagram followers, and he regularly posts on Instagram about what SEO is and how important it is today. Zammy is a blogger as well. One of his favorite blogs is "The Independence of Birds," where some artists use color to attract viewers' attention. Some people make use of words. Words are like a sharp sword that can penetrate the viewer's mind; Zammy converts his words into a sword that can penetrate the viewer's mind.

Brand Journalist

Do you have any idea about the brand journalist !!!

The brand journalist is a writer who practices journalism style storytelling on behalf of the company, They tell about the products and services that their company giving in an attractive and story telling way to attract the customers to buy their products and services, our Zammy Zaif is a brand journalist he makes his website in an attractive way to influence the customers.

That is what MR ZAMMY ZAIF provides to his customers. Despite the high volume of traffic, MR ZAMMY ZAIF intelligent search optimization tactics have brought him a diverse set of clients. In essence, what he does is a low-cost business coaching exercise.

Brand Journalist

Expert in Google Ranking

Which means Zammy zaif make your website rank No.1 in google platform. Nobody knows exactly what goes into Google's algorithm. Probably not even Google. But Zammy knows. Look, there's no secret or magic formula, and anyone who claims otherwise is probably a scammer. Mr.Zammy Zaif list out some factors to rank your website in top list related to your business keywords.

SEO Expert
Tamil Nadu based entrepreneur

The Path to the Most Desired Crown

For obvious reasons, the young Tamil Nadu-based entrepreneur MR ZAMMY ZAIF is an undisputed Google Influencer in India. We know him as the CEO of BAMS Technologies, a well-rounded IT solution company based in Kerala that was founded in 2008. MR ZAMMY ZAIF has been instrumental in propelling his brainchild to new heights on the wings of SEO, website auditing, and digital media marketing since its inception. With international experience, he has completed projects in India and other Asian countries. So far, he has successfully obtained funding and projects from reputable clients all over the world. He has already built an empire in the online world, thanks to a free-flowing workforce that complements his ideas and vision. As a result, India's most popular Google Influencer was born.

How Bams Flipped the Script

In its approach to enticing and providing solutions to business needs, BAMS exemplifies simplicity. MR ZAMMY ZAIF believes that, as a rule, technology should improve businesses and that there should always be parity between the two disciplines. Aside from SEO services, his company brings small-to-medium-sized business ideas to fruition through a set of tried-and-true modules. containing research and analysis His cohort also conducts SEO audits for websites to improve visibility. Furthermore, the ZammyZaif-led team has developed successful SMO strategies that encompass the entire social media package. In this short time, BAMS has opened four Indian locations and one in the Middle East. is a "hotspot" for internet access for a reason.

Zammy Zaif provides his technological solutions for businesses through, a full-fledged website that anticipates, anticipates, and predicts future ripples and scenarios that have the potential to influence the entrepreneurial world. BAMS easily retains its existing customer base by focusing on SEO strategy-driven organic growth and backlink optimization. The company's success is also due to his online activities, where he helps struggling young entrepreneurs with no intentions. (You can also connect with him through these external link: @socialister (telegram).

Zammy Zaif
Make Money as an Internet Influencer

Make Money as an Internet Influencer

40% of World Pollution users use social media, they get a lot of audience through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and make posts that attract viewers. , Our Zammy Zaif also attracts customers like this, He attracts his viewers by posting many blogs, posts, and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.

Zammy is also a YouTuber, and as we all know, the most popular thing on social media right now is YouTube. Videos touch our minds more than writing !!! Yes videos, Zammy talks about SEO on his youtube channel and how to create a good website. He earns Rs 2 lakh a month from YouTube.

Can You Make Money As An Internet Influencer? Think?  yes, u Can !! An average Internet Influencer earns $ 30,000 to $ 100,000 a month, while Internet Influencer Zammy Zaif earns about $ 20,000 a month. Zammy is a milestone in the field of digital marketing. There is no greater example of what an Internet Influencer should look like and how it should be, and now realize that it is also possible through hard work!!!

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